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    Comments: My name is Casey and I'm a 37 year old mom of 4 awesome, reliable, caring and loving kids. Sixteen years ago I received a compression fracture in L5--S1 when I was 8 months pregnant from a MVA. My seatbelt kept my hips and shoulders in place while my very pregnant belly was forced forward into the steering wheel. Because I was pregnant the fracture wasn't found until a month later when I had my daughter.

    For years I suffered with pain that would come and go. I received PT several times, acupuncture several times, epidural block's, nerve root injections and massage therapy for weeks on end. Nothing lasted more than a few day's at a time if even all. June of 2017 I fell down our basement stairs after my left leg gave out on me.After that fall, I quickly went downhill both with the pain and as well as my mental well-being.

    Due to new damage to L5-S1 I was given a lot of restrictions to follow to help with the pain as well to avoid further injury. I lost my job and fell behind on everything. Anyone who has been in that kind of pain can assure you of the dark places your mind goes. I became afraid that I may have to send my children to live with their father.

    In December a friend provided me with Dr. Robson's office number. Best Christmas present ever!! After meeting with Dr. Robson's and his staff in early January 2018 surgery was scheduled for January 29 th. Here I am 5 day's after L5 S1 fusion and I feel a thousand times better.

    If I had questions Dr. Robson was very quick to answered them. He gave me instructions to follow and I follow them! Walk, drink lots of fluids! My incision is sore and there's mild bruises but that is to be expected. Do not lay down or sit all the time. Definitely follow the no bending, twisting or lifting!

    Dr Robson has given me hope again. A month ago I thought that I would be in pain for the rest of my life. I was worried about the outcome and that in would never hetbmy life back. There are so many things I could say about Dr. Robson. He has a wonderful bedside manor and I strongly recommend Dr. Robson if you're nervous about back surgery. As with any surgery there will be pain so take it easy and follow his advice. I know I have a long road to full recover but this doctor has done wonders with me already. No more dark places and even with the recovery pain I'm in a much better place. Thank you Dr. Robson!

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